IRIS Europe 3

Project acronym
IRIS Europe 3

Project title
Project of common interest „IRIS Europe 3“ 2011-EU-70001-S in the area of trans-european transport networks

Project duration

January 2012 – December 2014


Project is co-financed by the European Union from the budget of TEN-T Executive Agency Programme covering 50% of project eligible costs, whereas remaining 50% of the project costs will be covered by the national budgetary funds of individual beneficiaries.

The beneficiaries of financial aid as well as the project results are individual ministries of transport of 7 European countries, which are actively involved in the project – Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. Slovak beneficiary is the Ministry of transport, construction and regional development of the Slovak Republic. The project in Slovak Republic is executed by the consortium of project partners consisting of Research Transport Institute (Výskumný Ústav Dopravný, a.s.) and company KIOS, Ltd. the same way the preceding projects IRIS Europe I & II has been carried out. Cooperation partners and observers in the project IRIS Europe 3 are represented by partners from France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Croatia, Serbia and Ukraine.

Project description and main objective

IRIS Europe 3 is thriving to contribute to an increased safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness of inland navigation. Indeed, with this project, the harmonized implementation of RIS in Europe will make a major step forward toward the following:

  • Enhanced services for governmental and logistics users on the European waterways,
  • Geographical extension of River Information Services in Europe,
  • Ensuring minimum service level quality for the (commercial) users of the waterway.

Main objective of project IRIS Europe 3 is active involvement of logistics user into RIS system by means of pilot implementation of appropriate information systems and carrying out of their pilot operation on national and international level.


Breakdown of project activities and roles of KIOS
In order to reach the main goal of the project, necessary works in the following work packages will be carried out:

Activity 1:    Pilot implementation of enhanced Fairway Information Services

Activity 2:    Pilot implementation of Traffic and Transport Information Services

Activity 3:    Pilot implementation of quality of information services for RIS

Activity 4:    Pilot implementation of information services for logistics and authorities

Activity 5:    Transition support towards regular RIS operation

Activity 6:    Project management


Slovak Republic represented by the consortium of project partners VÚD and KIOS actively participates in the implementation of the following sub activities of the project:


Sub-Activity 1.2:    Transient water level models

Sub-Activity 1.4:    RIS basic data / reference data

Sub-Activity 2.4:    Feasibility study / pilot implementation for mobile RIS applications

Sub-Activity 2.5:    Calamity Abatement and Incident Management Services

Sub-Activity 3.1:    Definition of Quality of Services for RIS

Sub-Activity 3.2:    Pilot implementation of QoIS for Notices to Skippers (NtS)

Sub-Activity 3.3:    Pilot implementation of QoIS for Electronic Ship Reporting (ERI)

Sub-Activity 3.4:    Pilot implementation of QoIS for Vessel Tracking and Tracing (VTT)

Sub-Activity 3.6:    Pilot implementation of QoIS for the RIS Index

Sub-Activity 3.7:    Pilot implementation of QoIS for the international RIS data exchange

Sub-Activity 4.1:    Organisational and legal framework for international RIS data exchange

Sub-Activity 4.2:    Enhancement of interfaces for logistics within RIS data exchange

Sub-Activity 4.3:    Enhancement of interfaces for authorities within RIS data exchange

Sub-Activity 4.4:    Enhancement of Interconnections with European Services

Sub-Activity 5.1:    Support to Standardisation of RIS key technologies

Sub-Activity 5.2:    Establishment of national frameworks for RIS provision and operation

Sub-Activity 5.3:    Concept and establishment of RIS Stakeholder Forums

Sub-Activity 6.1:    Project Management

Sub-Activity 6.2:    Dissemination

Sub-Activity 6.3:    Liaison with relevant projects and initiatives

In case of Sub-Activitties 2.4, 2.5, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 Slovak Republic represented by the company KIOS, Ltd. acts as the leading country/partner of the Sub-Activities.

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