Software solutions

The SW development represents the greatest part of our Company activities. The SW engineering is a very young field if compared to other engineering industries. And just for that, it is experiencing a great boom and undergoes big changes.

The KIOS Company employees have long term experience in the field of development of large SW solutions and they know intimately required technologies and methodologies.  


We render complex services in the field of development the SW solutions on order. Our services cover the whole life cycle of the SW solutions, from analysis, design up to implementation and use. Of course, we secure, if required, the long term maintenance of the SW solutions at the client’s place during the whole lifetime of the solution. Based on our experience from many years of the SW development and proposed solutions, we know how important is to meet the real needs of our clients. Depending on the project character, we also cooperate with the client at the analysis and optimisation of company processes in the specified area even before the development of the information system.    


Every SW development is preceded by a stage when we diagnose and analyse the client’s needs and requests. Sometimes, they are easy and straight forward, and we are able to start to create a functional specification immediately. 
In many cases, an analysis of the company processes in the given field is needed to precede the application solution. Therefore, it sometimes is needed to divide the development of the SW solution into two stages. In the first stage, the present processes are analysed and their optimisation is being suggested.     

The following activities are made:

  • identification of the core processes and the ways how they function at the present;
  • creation of the processes model - the present situation;
  • analysis of the requests for a change of the present processes model;
  • suggestion for the processes optimisation;
  • creation of the processes model of the desired situation;
  • analysis of the existing support of the information system;
  • requests for changes of the information system stemming from the processes optimisation and process model of the requested situation;
  • design the strategy for the informatisation of the analysed field;

In the second stage, based on the agreed optimisation processes, a SW solution to support the optimisation process is proposed:

  • analysis of the requests based on the agreed on optimisation processes;
  • creation of analytical model independent from the implementation method;
  • proposal for the architecture and creation of the implementation model in set environment;
  • planning for deliveries of individual modules;
  • creation of the prototype;
  • modules coding;
  • tests.

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