We concentrate on proven modern open source technologies that can be used without additional costs in form of licence fees.

The analysis and design are based on the UML language standards. UML language is universal language for visual modelling of the system. It was design to inter-connect the best available modelling methods with the SW engineering. It is design in a way that allows all the CASE (computer-aided software engineering) tools to be implemented. Extensive SW projects cannot exist without the support of the CASE tools. In our company, we use the CASE tools for the analysis and system design.

For development of software application we use modern technologies based on Java platform. Most used by our professionals are:

  • Application framework Spring acts as a application backbone
  • Persistence technologies based on JPA and Hibernate take care about saving data to the database and converts data into Java objects
  • we build our projects automatically using Maven
  • Our web solutions are built on the top of frameworks Vaadin, GWT a Spring MVC
  • For fulltext search capabilities we deploy enterprise search server Solr
  • Our data are located in databases of types Oracle, MySQL a PostgreSQL
  • Our professionals develop Java code with most used IDE Eclipse.

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